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Beacon Monitored Home Security Systems Help Protect Your Home.

Having a home security system in Redding, California can help keep you calm, whether you are at home or away . Protect Your Home with Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. When an alarm is triggered in your home, the security system sends a signal. 

Our operator will then attempt to contact you through your smart security system’s speakerphone or the number you gave us; if you have a basic alarm system, make sure the alarm is not wrong.

If no one responds or cannot provide the correct password, an operator sends the policy. (A security system ensures a faster police response, as the alarm can be verified by listening on the spot.) During a fire or medical emergency, our monitoring center will dispatch the response team to an appropriate emergency.

If you live in Redding, Ca wouldn’t it be great to…

• Never worry about forgetting to arm your system

• Get notified when you need to replace batteries

• Control all your devices on one app-even turn lights on and off

• Add a keypad for easy control of panic, fire and carbon monoxide alarms

Now you can!

alarm company redding ca
Redding, CA

Four things every home security system should have in Redding, CA 

  1. An alarm system that can monitor all entry points of the home.
  2. An alarm system that is easy to update.
  3. Remotely arm and disarm the home security system from your smartphone.
  4. A company with 24/7 support to help the homeowner when the system is not operating properly.
fire monitoring redding ca

Monitored Fire Protection

• Always-on protection to keep you and your family safe

• Professionally monitored in emergencies to alert the necessary authorities

• Fire and carbon monoxide connected detectors that alert you

We also offer an additional discount for monitored fire protection, as well as a potential discount for owning a burglar alarm system. From security and alarm monitoring to smart security and home automation, our security experts have the perfect solution for you. Our team can give you the perfect home security system to suit your needs and budget.

Monitored fire protection is what allows the homeowner to be notified of the fire and notifies them to evacuate. In the case of an emergency, this additional security feature will allow you to provide an even higher level of protection of your loved ones and your property.

Alarm Systems Are More Than Peace Of Mind

In many cases, an alarm system is treated as a set-it-and-forget-it add-on. Many times it simply makes the homeowner feel better. Did you know that having a professional grade alarm system can actually decrease your home insurance? You can get a discount of up to 15%!

Your system is monitored 24/hrs by alarm.com, and all you have to do is call when there’s an emergency. At that point, our operator will instruct your monitoring company on any action required in order to secure your property.

Do you have a pool?

Whether you have small children or your friends come over with theirs, our monitoring security systems can alert you if someone has gone outside toward the pool or even fallen in!

In addition, our monitoring operators can contact emergency responders for life-threatening medical situations such as heart attacks or seizures where minutes count.

security alarm pool monitoring redding ca
home security when you're away redding ca

Alerts When You’re Away

• Receive notification and talk to visitors

• Don’t miss out on deliveries or have packages stolen

• Secure your door when a delivery arrives

In today’s world it’s very common to have mail packages left on your doorstep. It’s also very common to have those packages stolen. By installing a doorbell camera you can be notified when anyone approaches the front door and keep a recording in the case you need to give evidence to the police.

You’ll have the ability to immediately talk to whoever is on your front doorstep remotely so they don’t know if you’re home or not. You can tell them to go away, that you’re calling the police, or if it’s a delivery man to simply leave the package. This is a major advantage to an Alarm Company Redding CA.

Alarm Company Redding CA – Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc.

Security is a major concern for many homeowners in Redding, California, especially with the uptick in crime rates. 

With professional installation by Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. – customized to your needs, whether you have an alarm system or want cameras installed throughout your home – trust that our experts will take care of all the details so you can focus on what matters most: living safely!

Rest assured, Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. provides the best alarm and monitoring products in Redding, Ca. As the industry’s leading distributor of home security systems, you can rest assured that Beacon will help you protect your home. Do not fall victim to inferior companies that could fold up in a few years.

In Redding, California, home security systems give peace of mind to your family. Protect your loved ones with our state-of-the-art security systems. Our anti-theft systems can help you monitor your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get sound sleep at night, knowing that we are helping you keep your family and home safe.

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