Best Fire Alarm, Security, and Surveillance in Redding, CA

Best Fire Alarm, Security, and Surveillance

Beacon is a professional security installation company with reliable equipment. We can serve as the most competitive Fire Alarm, Security, and Surveillance company in Redding, CA.

If you are in need of a home security system, you want one that works with your home and family. After all, your family is unique, and so should your security solution. We can help you with both primary and sophisticated systems that include home automation, fire and CO detectors, and security cameras. Whatever system is best for your home.  Our products include a 24/7 monitoring system.

Thieves aren’t the only danger you want to protect your loved ones from. When you own our fire detectors, you can tell if there is smoke in your home or if the temperature is reaching dangerous levels.

When your home is equipped with a traditional fire alarm, you are notified of a fire when you hear the alarm. But with a monitored fire detector or carbon monoxide detector, our monitoring station is alerted to the threat, regardless of the time of day or whether you are home or away. Based on your personalized emergency plan, we will alert the appropriate personnel so they can quickly assist you in an emergency. Additionally, you may want to monitor flood sensors to alert you to any flooding issues.

Feel safe with the installation of a professional home security system

If you are interested in our Monitored Security System, simply reach us via email,

Fax: (530) 547 – 2219 or call: (530) 547 – 2477 a home security professional will help you choose the system that will work best for you and customize it for your specific needs. So you can arrange the best timeframe to install your new security system.

Beacon is the company you can trust!

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