Fire Alarms
Redding, CA

Fire Alarms

Leave the house without worries.

Beacon has thought of everything, offering you solutions for intelligent and complete protection of your home: security cameras, alarms, opening sensors, smoke detectors for a carefree life.

We are the perfect partner for your fire alarm solutions in Redding, CA.

Beacon is a leading company in the field of security technology. We are also a competent consultant and recognized installer able to offer a wide range of fire alarm systems in fire and burglary protection, access control, video surveillance, security management systems, and mobile object protection. Today the company, founded in 2019, designs, installs, and maintains fire alarms.

The demand for fire-fighting systems and smoke detection systems is continuously increasing. 

In order to guarantee the correct construction of our fire alarms, we make use of only the best ingredients for production. We do not just engage in production for profit-making. Our ultimate goal is customer security.

An important point for the design of fire alarm systems is establishing which detector is best suited to the reference room to be protected.

This factor is linked to the premises’ architectural characteristics and the various equipment present, which can considerably determine the systems to be installed.

The result of this analysis is, therefore, be compared with the regulations in force to guarantee its correct execution.

Beacon Fire Alarm & Security, Inc. promotes a set of fundamental values ​​to form a culture with human quality and professional excellence. Our values guard us towards commitment, leadership, innovation, talent, proactivity, and teamwork.

We offer fire alarm services of the highest quality and are governed by international, national, and local standards and regulations. We have the support of a wide range of solutions in services from preliminary phases to the fire alarm installation and subsequent maintenance of the equipment.

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