Home Security Systems Redding, CA

Home Security Systems

Beacon Fire Alarm & Securty, Inc. has been a company that has been operating for years in Redding, CA.  We are your surest plug for the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of home security systems.

From home alarms to anti-theft and video surveillance systems, our company provides you with complete assistance and support services for any need for repair or replacement of components.

Your home is no longer just walls that contain furnishings and objects: today, it can come to life and interact with you and what happens in the surrounding environment.

 Our systems integrate person-building, environment-building, and person-environment interactions.

Our safe living systems for security and home automation are the ideal solution for integrated building management.

 Our products offer control of alarm, lighting, energy, automation, irrigation, and much more.

Home automation

You can create a lively and dynamic environment, which follows your habits by optimizing resources, giving you full control of the system.

  • Climate

 Management of building air conditioning, both in heating and cooling.

  • Automatisms Automated system for opening gates, shutters, and curtains from events, scenarios, or direct control.
  • Humidity

 Adjusts the quality of the air by changing the level of humidity in the environment.

  • Lighting

 Intelligent lighting, with the creation of zones, automatic switching on when passing or from activation of scenarios.

  • Energy

 Constant verification of consumption with automatic disconnection and restoration of loads (by priority).

The ability to manage and centralize the various systems in our homes has opened the door to countless advantages and conveniences that we could not have imagined until a few years ago.

By now, programming the switching on of lights, opening some roller shutters, switching on radios or other appliances at a particular time is no longer something complicated or achievable only for those with strong economic power.

Trust us with your next Home security project!

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