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Surveillance Systems

The security of homes, shops, and companies is essential to be able to live in peace. Excellent Surveillance Systems ensure environmental protection, minimizing the risk of intrusions, thefts, and private violence. Having efficient and technologically advanced video surveillance systems is, therefore, an essential and intelligent choice, which protects us and our loved ones from any risk.

Being specialized in video surveillance, we offer the best systems capable of remotely controlling the internal and external environments of any building.  We provide fixed and telemetry-controlled control cameras, control monitors, and management software (also available for smartphone control).

Cameras and monitors

We have a good wealth of experience in the provision of Surveillance Systems; we are able to supply and install video surveillance systems of all types, which can be used in any building and environment. 

We have the most innovative control systems suitable for all user needs, from analog video recorders to large systems with centralization software.

These systems offer a high resolution in megapixels and the possibility of integrating the video analysis of the images in order to allow the user detailed checks.

We also provide complete advice for any problems related to privacy and the processing of sensitive data.

These are particularly important and continually evolving issues, both in the case of private buildings and companies, especially in terms of internal security.

To find out more about our Surveillance Systems, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Beacon’s objective is to preserve human and material lives through signals that allow a timely evacuation plan and early detection of the fire to prevent its spread. At Beacon, we help you optimize your Surveillance Systems through the selection and supply of the best devices.

We know the importance of providing a high-quality service that generates value for our allied partners; therefore, our staff is always committed and trained to meet your needs.

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